Urban Farming

We are the urban farmers, creating farms around your neighbourhood.

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We reduce food travel more than your travel, growing food in your neighbourhood; nutritious food from all over the world, fresh, near and living.

We have three decades of experience in Pomology, olericulture and ornamental culture. Our strength is in research and crop development. We have executed projects in countries of the Gulf under testing conditions with proven results.

We visualize, plan, design and execute projects in Green Houses, Landscaping and hydroponic cultivation. Experts in the field of Agriculture and Horticulture are the backbone of our success. We give importance to urban farming, bring nature to homes.

What we do

Customized Cultivation

We visualise, design and develop customer needs to reality, developing affordable green spaces
to the need of our customers.

Green Houses

Customised green houses designed, fabricated and fully functional for homes and commercial use,
small and big.

Irrigation Accessories

Quality irrigation accessories from reputed manufacturers at affordable cost. We customise
irrigation kits as per client needs.


Feel left out from farming ?
Urbanites can now cultivate their own food in their living
spaces with less water and quality produce, constantly changing as per needs and tastes.

Solar Driers

Custom built solar driers for drying fresh produce, cut vegetables, fresh leaves, fish,
mushrooms and fruits for longer shelf life in hygiene conditions. Same time maintaining their
original flavour.

Ecofrost link cold rooms and Ecozen solar pumps

A modular concept developed and innovated by Ecozen Solutions, solar operated cold rooms with 30
hours of backup without batteries and power saving electrical costs.

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Bio Fertilizers & Hydrponic Solutions

Apply nature care bio fertilizers to seeds,plant surfaces, or soil, colonize the rhizosphere or the interior of the plant and promotes growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the host plant.

Community Compost Plant

A turnkey project converting municipal waste, plant, vegetable fruit waste and edible waste into usable compost medium for agriculture and horticulture purpose. Technical know how includes plant installation, production and buy-back scheme


Green Houses

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Solar Driers

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Hydroponic custom made kits

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