Ecofrost is a solar powered cold room. It is designed to operate reliably in regions with challenge of quality power supply using solar energy and thermal energy storage backup. The product enables the customers in such regions to retain the quality of their perishable produce and derive more value from it by selling it at the right time to the right markets. it can be used in a packhouse, in a mandi or at a farmgatte. The product aims to create value by reducing wastage, reducing logistics cost and improving price realization for the produce. Real time data for all the deployed units is captured through the IOT platflorm, helping us to monitor and provide predictive maintenance, thereby reducing the downtime. We also provide forward linkages to customers through our in-house developed mobile and web application.

Available in standard & modular variants

  • Solar powered thermal storage to operate without power.
  • IOT enabled Predictive Maintenance
  • Suited to work at collection and distribution points.
  • Grid Hybrid 8 hours on non-solar variant
  • Upto 30 hours of batteryless backup
  • Temperature range of 2C and above

Ways to own Ecofrost:

  • Upfront purchase
  • Lease or rental
  • Community model

Key Milestones:

  • 130+ ecofrost
  • 14,500+ Ecotron (Solar Pump Controllers)
  • 7 Patents applied.




Ecotron is a solar pump controller. The product ensures reliable operation of solar pumps on the ground by its intelligent monitoring system. Ecozen has built-in all its experience of troubleshooting the solar pumps into this system. Ecotron is reducing the downtime for the customer and servicing costs for the installer by identifying issues ahead of time and lead to accurate diagnosis. Also farmers can use Ecotron to charge a battery when they are not using the solar pumps. Ecozen service Platform (ESP) works on a proprietary algorithm which monitors and resolves a number of issues remotely thereby reducing downtime service cost. ESP also assigns tasks to the nearest available service technician for unresolved issues.

  • Intelligent diagnostic system reduces downtime and service cost
  • Battery charging option to power other devices
  • Surge protection against internal circuit breakdown
  • Easy to install plug and pump design

Solar Pump

  • Highly durable SS 304 casting motor parts
  • Greater water discharging same category
  • Easily serviceable water-cooled motors
  • Early start and late operations pumpsets.